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VARIO prefabricated house Musterhaus Nals
Musterhaus Bungalow Family VII emotion

Show house in Nals, Südtirol, Italy

Schwimmbadstraße 22
39010 Nals, Südtirol, Italy
+39 (471) 677 000
+39 (471) 677 605
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Distribution centre Nals, Südtirol
Schwimmbadstraße 22
I-39010 Nals, Südtirol
+39 (471) 677 000
Günther Pallweber

Even our bare bone house leaves little to be desired

  • 3-pane-energy saving windows
  • Additional insulation of roof and ceilings
  • Other construction concepts, such as EnergyLine Plus, PassivehouseLine and VitaThermLine are available
  • Super thermal insulation
  • Built in timber frame construction in our plant in Wr. Neustadt, Austria.

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What's next?

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"We give our best for you. We will not disappoint your trust in our company."
Ing. Josef Gruber, founder and CEO of VARIO-BAU, member of the Board of the Austrian Prefabricated House Association and of the European Prefabrication Association.
Daniel Gruber, MA, Assistant to the Management