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Price list (for Austria) valid from May 1, 2017

The following table contains the list prices including VAT (for Austria) of a selection of the houses most often in demand. All the prices contain our energy-saving EnergyLine building programme EnergyLine. Prices may vary depending on the location of your construction site.
Underneath the table in a pdf document for downloading, you will also find the general building descriptions for the bare bone house, the ready for finishing house and turnkey house construction stages.

Please be aware that VARIO-HAUS is currently NOT able to supply houses to the United Kingdom.

We are only able to offer you a VARIO-HAUS in the following regions:
Austria, Northern Italy, Southern Germany, Switzerland and Hungary
If you have a special enquiry (e.g. for larger developments) you nevertheless can get in touch with us.

Bare bone house
Ready for finishing
Turnkey house
Concept Bungalow
Prefabricated house Bungalow S141
Bungalow S141
141 m², 4 rooms , Price including corner window.
Bare bone house€ 189,078
Ready for finishing€ 235,135
Turnkey house€ 271,329
Prefabricated house Bungalow S141 2 appartements
Bungalow S141 2 appartements
141 m², 4 rooms
Bare bone house€ 189,685
Ready for finishing€ 236,717
Turnkey house€ 273,412
Prefabricated house Bungalow S141 Small
Bungalow S141 Small
121 m², 3 rooms , Price including corner window.
Bare bone house€ 166,706
Ready for finishing€ 207,345
Turnkey house€ 234,281
Prefabricated house Bungalow AT129
Bungalow AT129
129 m², 4 rooms
Bare bone house€ 183,348
Ready for finishing€ 227,065
Turnkey house€ 259,848
Prefabricated house Bungalow S117
Bungalow S117
117 m², 3 rooms
Bare bone house€ 169,946
Ready for finishing€ 211,578
Turnkey house€ 243,752
Prefabricated house Bungalow WE136
Bungalow WE136
116 m², 4 rooms
Bare bone house€ 161,185
Ready for finishing€ 201,835
Turnkey house€ 231,317
Prefabricated house Bungalow Family VII emotion
Bungalow Family VII emotion
105 m², 4 rooms , Price including roofed terrace, pergola not included.
Bare bone house€ 136,936
Ready for finishing€ 174,256
Turnkey house€ 202,222
Prefabricated house Bungalow Family VII
Bungalow Family VII
105 m², 3 rooms , Price including roofed terrace.
Bare bone house€ 135,485
Ready for finishing€ 171,118
Turnkey house€ 194,655
Prefabricated house Bungalow E98
Bungalow E98
97 m², 3 rooms , Price including winter garden.
Bare bone house€ 148,989
Ready for finishing€ 188,084
Turnkey house€ 219,923
Prefabricated house Bungalow New Design V
Bungalow New Design V
85 m², 2 rooms
Bare bone house€ 130,513
Ready for finishing€ 165,161
Turnkey house€ 185,756
Prefabricated house Bungalow New Design V Small
Bungalow New Design V Small
68 m², 2 rooms , Price including 22° hipped roof, canopy not included.
Bare bone house€ 108,174
Ready for finishing€ 140,631
Turnkey house€ 161,837

For the 'Architects'-Line we are not able to give you price information as this house line is considered to be a source of inspiration for you. These houses are real client houses with many specific extra equipment ordered by our clients.
If you think a house of the 'Architects'-line suits best, contact our building consultant - together we will design a similar house which suits your personal wishes.

We are pleased to provide you with specific building descriptions of the individual houses. Simply get in touch!

"We give our best for you. We will not disappoint your trust in our company."
Ing. Josef Gruber, founder and CEO of VARIO-BAU, member of the Board of the Austrian Prefabricated House Association and of the European Prefabrication Association.
Daniel Gruber, MA, Assistant to the Management