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EnergyLine und EnergyLine plus – The standard programme for energy-saving house construction

You are of the opinion that one should be uncompromising when it comes to house building? Then with our standard EnergyLine programme you are home and dry. This wall system has outstanding technical values and ensures minimum energy costs. With an integrated installation conduit and strong EPS-F plus facade, as a standard feature you have top heat insulation values that are approximate to those of passive houses.
Our extended EnergyLine Plus programme with double panelling offers the same outstanding heat insulation values and makes your VARIO-HAUS home even safer.

Energyline wall construction

Thickness41.1 cm
Ductwork8 cm
Heat transmission coefficientUm=0.11 W/m²°K
Sound insulationRw≥50dB
FacadeBaumit EPS-F plus

EnergyLine plus – double panelling for twice the safety

As an extension to the EnergyLine programme, the EnergyLine Plus wall system with double panelling on all interior and exterior walls is now available. With this development VARIO-HAUS is able to offer you an additional top quality, innovative wall system.

EnergyLine plusValues
Thickness41,8 cm
Ductwork8 cm
Double panellingWooden plasterboard
Heat transmission coefficientUm=0,11 W/m²°K
Sound insulationRw≥50dB
FacadeBaumit EPS-F plus

EnergyLine & EnergyLine Plus ceiling construction

With the EnergyLine series, as a standard feature you receive increased heat insulation on the upper floors, which thus reduces heating costs. In the case of EnergyLine Plus this roof construction is available with double panelling.

EnergyLine Construction of ceilingValues
Thickness (in der oberen Geschossebene)37.1 cm
Size of the heat insulation30 cm
Heat transmission coefficientUm=0.15 W/m²°K
Sound insulationRw= ≥ 54 dB


In the EnergyLine and EnergyLine Plus series, windows naturally also play a decisive role in the attainment of the planned energy values. The related demands are met by our standard energy-saving, plastic windows with 3-pane insulation glazing.

  • Ug=0.5 W/m²°K
  • Uw=0.74 W/m²°K

Shadowing as a standard feature
In all habitable rooms shading by electrically operated aluminum shutters.
Apart from standard windows you can select from plastic-aluminium, wood, wood-aluminium and passive house window options.

"We give our best for you. We will not disappoint your trust in our company."
Ing. Josef Gruber, founder and CEO of VARIO-BAU, member of the Board of the Austrian Prefabricated House Association and of the European Prefabrication Association.
Daniel Gruber, MA, Assistant to the Management