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Today, every load-bearing wall carries one thing in particular, responsibility.

Energy is precious and expensive. Therefore, it is important to use it sparingly and to select the ideal heat insulation. VARIO-HAUS provides just this with construction components with optimum insulation, windows with 3-pane, insulation glazing and windproof building. You can choose from a range that includes our top class, standard EnergyLine wall system, individual passive house walls that match your individual requirements, or VitaTherm ecological walls without PVC or polystyrene.

EnergyLine (Standard)

U-value: 0.11 W/m² °K
Thickness: 41.1 cm.
Also with double layer cladding


U-value: 0.084 W/m² °K
Thickness: min. 49.1 cm, individually calculated


U-value: 0.14 W/m² °K
Thickness: 36.75 cm
No PVC or styrofoam

This is what makes our house programmes stand out

Heat insulation
Heat insulation is provided by mineral wool, wood fibre sheets or full heat insulation facades. The mineral wool is obtained from the natural materials diabase and dolomite, which are treated using a special process. The advantages include thickness stability, heat and noise insulation. Standard VARIO-HAUS homes possess 30cm-insulation in the roof and ceiling areas, which rises to 40cm in passive houses.

Energy-saving windows
The bulk of the energy lost in a house literally goes out of the window. Therefore, as a standard feature the windows in a VARIO-HAUS home are offered with 3-pane, insulation glazing for optimum heat insulation. The U-value of this type of window is roughly one-sixth lower than that of standard window glass.
Shadowing as a standard feature
In all habitable rooms shading by electrically operated aluminum shutters.

Wood and natural gypsum plasterboard panels for an ideal room climate
The use of largely natural materials creates a healthy and balanced room climate. Both untreated, natural wood and gypsum plasterboard help to compensate for and regulate humidity fluctuations.
The 18mm-thick natural gypsum panels also allow the problem-free mounting of kitchen cupboards, televisions, etc. directly on the wall.

Energy certification included
All VARIO-HAUS homes are highly energy-efficient. Calculated in terms of the OIB directive, the energy characteristic (the specific heating requirement) is stated in kWh/m²a. This is supplemented by hot water and heating system energy consumption, as well as the total final energy demand and the mean U-values of the construction elements and the house.

VARIO-HAUS Wall systems by comparison

√= standard O=optional X=not available

Wall systemsEnergyLineEnergyLine PlusPassivehouseLineVitaTherm
Thickness41.1 cm41.8 cm49.1 cm36.7 cm
U-value0.11 W/(m²°K)0.11 W/(m²°K)≤ 0.08 W/(m²°K)0.14 W/(m²°K)
Ductwork8 cm8 cm8 cm8 cm
Double layer claddingOO
ESP-F plus insulation board with Baumit facadeX
Wooden soft insulation board with Baumit facadeXXX
Sound insulation≥ 50dB≥ 50dB≥ 50dB≥ 53dB
Reinforced 17 cm floor (only construction stage "Ready for finishing" and "Turnkey house")
Heat insulation in the upper section (in cm)30 cm30 cmMind. 40 cm30 cm
CeilingEnergyLineEnergyLine PlusPassivehouseLineVitaTherm
Thickness37.1 cm37.1 cm47.1 cm37.1 cm
Size of heat insulation30 cm30 cm40 cm30 cm
Heat transmission coefficient (Um)0.15 W/(m²°K)0.15 W/(m²°K)0.11 W/(m²°K)0.15 W/(m²°K)
Sound insulation≥ 54dB≥ 54dB≥ 57dB≥ 54dB
WindowsEnergyLineEnergyLine PlusPassivehouseLineVitaTherm
Plastic energy saving windows with 3-pane-insulation (Ug=0.5 W/m2°K, Uw=0.74 W/m2°K)O
Wood-aluminum energy saving windows with 3-pane-insulation (Ug=0.5 W/m²°K, Uw=0.69 W/m²°K)OOOO
Wooden energy saving windows with 3-pane-insulation (Ug=0.5 W/m²°K, Uw=0.74 W/m²°K)OOO
Plastic-aluminum energy saving windows with 3-pane-insulation (Ug=0.5 W/m²°K, Uw=0.74 W/m²°K)OOOO
Mini aluminum-roller blinds with a crank gear
Mini electric aluminum-roller blindsOOOO
HouseEnergyLineEnergyLine PlusPassivehouseLineVitaTherm
Standard ceiling height (2,7 m and 2,8 m possible, extra charge)2,6m2,6m2,6m2,6m
Entrance door made of massive wood, varnished and with safety lock
Staircase made of wood, sealed incl. handrail (where necessary)
All roof shapes possible
Security glass according to OIB regulations
Utilisable basement or basement as living roomOOOO
MiscellaneousEnergyLineEnergyLine PlusPassivehouseLineVitaTherm
Smoke alarm and fire extinguisher
All necessary documents to obtain building permissions
Personal site manager and support during building negotiations
Energy certificate in kWh/m²a
First blower-door testOOO
Second blower-door test incl. protocol of the results after installations are completed (depending on construction stage)OOO
Static construction guaranteed for 30 years
Expected life cycle of the house at least 100 years according to ÖNORM B 2320
VARIO-Care – the security and value protection package included
"We give our best for you. We will not disappoint your trust in our company."
Ing. Josef Gruber, founder and CEO of VARIO-BAU, member of the Board of the Austrian Prefabricated House Association and of the European Prefabrication Association.
Daniel Gruber, MA, Assistant to the Management