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Heating technology for your VARIO-HAUS home

Irrespective of whether gas-fired, condensing boilers, heat pumps, district heating or biomass system are involved, VARIO-HAUS has a wealth of experience in the implementation of the very latest and most economical heating technologies. Talk to your VARIO-HAUS technical advisor, who will be pleased to inform you about the advantages of the various systems in combination with your energy-efficient, VARIO-HAUS home. Subsequently, you will find a small selection of the heating systems and technologies available.
Should your preferred system not be included, do not hesitate to contact us in this regard. We cooperate with leading manufacturers from the industrial and commercial fields and are both willing and able to realise your wishes.

Heat pumps
Heat pumps remove heat from the soil, groundwater or the outside air and pass on the useful heat - depending on the pump and system - for space heating. There is a distinction between:
- Geothermal heat pumps with probes or collectors
- Water-water heat pumps
- Air-water heat pumps
In good operating-conditions very low in operation
Funding by federal states possible
Very safe and space-saving thanks to underground installation
Relatively expensive to buy
More complex exterior work during installation (depending on the pump principle)

Vaillant geoTHERM Heat pump, (c) Vaillant

Wood & forest-Biomass
Whether pellets, briquettes or firewood - with the renewable raw-material wood, the security of supply is guaranteed. Absolutely CO2-neutral and with good opportunities for subsidies from the state.
Cheap operation
Funding by the federal states possible
Higher investment costs compared to gas condensing technology
Regular ash-removal necessary

Vaillant renerVIT pellets-heat, (c) Vaillant

Active air distribution systems in addition to the heating systems
System for the defined ventilation of rooms. The fewer windows that have to be opened, the less energy must be used for heating. Accordingly, the heating costs also decrease - and the feel-good factor increases.
Hygienic air-conditions (ideal for allergy sufferers)
Saving energy (through heat recovery)
Less noise from outside (windows are less open)
Depending on the system, higher investment costs

Vaillant recoVAIR Wohnraumlüftung, (c) Vaillant

District heating
Waste-heat from power plants & industry is fed into the distribution network, and pipelines are used to connect buildings to district heating.
CO2-friendly and sustainable
hardly any maintenance costs in the house
Reliable & secure supply
Subsidies by the federal states possible
Connections only available in conurbations
No free choice of supplier

Solar energy
In solar thermal energy, water is heated in a storage tank
Absolut CO2-neutral
Infinite supply of energy
Cost savings for electricity and hot water
Sophisticated technology, absolutely safe
Solar thermal energy is not sufficient to heat an entire house
Can only be used as support for a complete heating system

Vaillant auroTHERM Solaranlage, (c) Vaillant

Fossil fuels
Classical gas condensing technology is a reliable form of heating. However, rising raw material prices and the permanent ecological footprint make these forms of heating a thing of the past.
Cheap purchase
Free choice of suppliers, wide range of products
Proven & well-known heating system
Partly exclusion criterion for housing subsidies
CO2 emissions
Dependence on raw material prices (dependence on imports, price jumps)

Vaillant ecoCOMP Therme, (c) Vaillant
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