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Visible quality for your VARIO-HAUS home with top floor and wall coverings

In order that the interior of your VARIO-HAUS home also leaves no wish unanswered, from the turkey construction stage onwards, as a standard feature we already offer you an extensive selection of top quality floor and wall coverings from the ranges of our partners.

Standard floor coverings
With a VARIO-HAUS home you enjoy a large selection of top quality laminate and tiled floorings, which are included as a standard feature. The material price class for tiles is € 22/m² and € 14.80/m² for laminates.
Standard wall coverings
The standard features also include a branded woodchip wallpaper, or finer surface finishing (Q3) both of which are coated with white emulsion. Other colours are available as an option.

(c) Weitzer Parkett

Special requests
Your personal wishes with regard to floor and wall coverings are subject to (almost) no limitations. In our samples centre we are pleased to show you an extensive choice of adhesive parquet and design vinyl floorings.

(c) Tilo Parkett, www.tilo.com
(c) Tilo Parkett, www.tilo.com
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"We give our best for you. We will not disappoint your trust in our company."
Ing. Josef Gruber, founder and CEO of VARIO-BAU, member of the Board of the Austrian Prefabricated House Association and of the European Prefabrication Association.
Daniel Gruber, MA, Assistant to the Management